TV repair

A malfunctioning TV set doesn’t necessarily mean having to buy a new device. Having your electronic equipment fixed is definitely an option, and our facility actually specializes in this kind of services. We provide our clients with the ability to have their LCD, LED and plasma TV repaired cheap.

Here at FixSat, we provide TV servicing and repair as well as component replacement. Our task is to diagnose a problem and find the optimal solution to it. Our company employs experienced professionals who can quickly handle nearly any defect and suggest the adequate solution in the event that repairing the TV set turns out to be unprofitable or impossible. Sometimes all it takes is something like replacing the TV’s matrix. There are times, though, when repairing a device will entail high costs. Our clients can expect professional and comprehensive services in both of the above situations.

Having your TV repaired at FixSat ensures high quality of service. Our activity is based on years of experience and practice. We have not only top-tier specialists but also professional equipment at our disposal. We only use the best components available on the market to fix TVs and other electronics.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • repairing LCD TV sets
  • repairing LED TV sets
  • repairing plasma TV sets
  • replacing the matrix in a TV set
  • replacing the electronic system
  • repairing damaged antenna sockets
  • replacing the power supply, inverter or other damaged component in a TV set or other electronic device.

We fix TV sets of all the brands available on the market, such as LG, Thompson, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Aiwa, Toshiba, JVC, Orion, Sharp, Otake, Lenco, Samsung, Hitachi, Vizio, Insignia and many others. FixSat is your best choice when it comes to repairing TV sets. Competitive prices, honesty and timeliness are the assets that earned us the trust of many customers.

We kindly invite you to contact us if you are interested in professional, fast and cheap repair of a TV set and other electronic equipment.