door entry installation in North London

door entry installation in North London

Video or Standard Door Entry Installation in North London?

by alfamedio |7th May 2019 |0 Comments | FIX SAT BLOG |

A door entry device is something which gives you access to a building or flat by entering a special numerical password into it. Buildings with door entry devices are typically connected to a network of other devices within the same building. If someone who doesn’t know the numerical password wants to get inside, it’ll require someone else with privileged access to let them in.

For instance, in a flat building, everyone has a communication system in their flat which links to the outside door entry device. If a non-resident wants to enter the flat building, they need to know someone who lives in one of the flats. This non-resident will communicate with the tenant through the door entry device and request to be let in. If the tenant knows the person, they’ll electronically open the door for them. This same system is also used in commercial buildings and factories too.

Of course, a door entry installation in North London can occur in any building. In fact, it can even be used in a residential house. A lot of homeowners like to increase their security by having both a door entry device and CCTV installation. That way, homeowners can visually see who is at their door before they even open it.  This greatly increases their security because they’ll always know who it is first.

As an alternative, they also have video door entry devices now too. Instead of using a separate CCTV system to see the people at your door, the door entry device actually has a video camera built right into it. This lets you see the person on the indoor communication device. It is truly a remarkable thing. 

If you need to decide which type of door entry installation to get, just consider what your needs are. If you want to see who is at your door for other locations besides your own property, then you’ll want a CCTV installation and standard door entry device. But if you only care about seeing who is at your door while you’re inside the property, then a video door entry device is better.