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Should I Get an Aerial Installation in North London?

by alfamedio |7th May 2019 |3 Comments | FIX SAT BLOG | , ,

Aerial television has not become obsolete just yet. There are still several property owners in North London who have aerial installations and televisions. This may seem strange considering how much of the population has converted to satellite television. But there are some great advantages to using aerial television instead of satellite television. Once you learn about these advantages, perhaps you’ll consider an aerial installation in North London instead of a satellite installation.

Aerial television uses an antenna instead of a dish. If you only care about receiving local television service, then you don’t need to pay any monthly fee like you would with satellite or cable. Alternatively, if you have cable or satellite, you can cancel the local television channels off your service plan and save some money on your monthly bill by using aerial technology to get them for free. Most people don’t even realize that local broadcasting stations air their programs for free as a public service. You just need an antenna to pick them up.

Cable and satellite television are always going to offer you more channels than aerial television. However, aerial television may give you access to subchannels which aren’t available on cable or satellite. This may include public television channels in your local area which your cable or satellite provider has chosen not to include in their services. You may find some interesting sports, news, and weather channels that you’ve never heard of before.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of aerial television is the reception of the signal. When there is bad weather outside, a satellite dish can lose the signal very easily because of the clouds in the sky. This doesn’t happen with antennas because they don’t reach for signals in the sky. Instead, they pick up signals for bigger antennas on the ground in the local area. That means you’ll likely get better reception with an aerial television when there’s a storm outside.

Overall, you’ll probably end up wanting both aerial and satellite/cable installations. A lot of companies that offer aerial installation in North London also offer other similar services too, such as CCTV in North London or door entry installation in North London. FixSat is one company in North London that you can trust for these services. Give them a call to find out their rates.