When we say closed-circuit television, we mean a system that makes it possible to watch and record a video feed from interiors or a specified area through recorders and video-cameras that relay signal to the receiving station. The system is of a closed type, and the video is transmitted to the control room. The purpose of closed-circuit television is to increase security of the area or facilities monitored, as well as of the personnel and assets located there. The system can also be useful in the event of potential damages occurring (i.e. theft), by helping identify the culprits. Therefore, closed-circuit television serves a preventive function, deterring and discouraging outsiders from activities that are damaging to the owner, as well as protective one, allowing to catch the burglar or invader by recording their image. The closed-circuit television is also referred to as video surveillance, visual supervision or television-based surveillance system.

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Closed-circuit television allows for comprehensive surveillance, analysis and recording of the video footage. Most systems these days utilize digital recorders and PC servers. That way, the users can manage the recorded materials directly through specialized recording devices, remotely over the web using an Internet browser or with use of dedicated software installed on the receiving computer. Managing the recorded material

How the cameras are arranged
A surveillance system’s effectiveness depends on properly arranging the cameras and defining the client’s needs. The most important task is to arrange the surveillance devices is a way that allows the system to provide as much valuable information as possible. That’s why it is important to determine the number of cameras and their type.
The first thing to do when installing surveillance around a particular facility is to determine the number and type of the cameras outside. It needs to include the main entrance or gate as well as the driveways or the parking space. These places are especially critical and make the most likely scenery for all the occurrences that the security might want to look into. When choosing cameras, it is not just about their placement, but also selecting the right focal lengths of the lenses, which allows to achieve an optimal quality of the feed and to identify details, as well as makes it possible to narrow down the observed area to a size that is relevant when it comes to the facility’s security.

Benefits of surveillance:
ability to recreate the incident that transpired
integration with the alarm system to make it more reliable
ability to integrate with external security systems
stronger position when negotiating with the insurance company and ability to get better conditions of the contract
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Preview from closed-circuit television cameras on mobile devices

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