Alarm systems and door entry

Safety is an incredibly important issue, and it’s becoming increasingly common to utilize surveillance and alarm systems for the purposes of it. Even a device as mundane as a door entry is enough to feel more secure in this area. FixSat offers assembly of alarms and other devices of this type as well as comprehensive services related to installing and maintaining them.

Our company provides services related to analysis, design, implementation, and servicing of devices and systems intended for surveillance, property security and providing the occupants with the adequate level of safety. Our offer is targeted towards companies, corporations, institutions, communities and housing cooperatives, as well as private property owners. Every alarm system and surveillance system that we install utilizes the latest technologies. These are solutions tested by us, the high quality of which we can guarantee to you.

The clients making use of our services can expect professional consulting. You’re wondering what’s the best alarm to install in your house and the best alarm to install in your garage? You need to install a door entry for your block of flats or burglar alarm? Or maybe you’re interested in access control systems? In each of the above cases, our professionals will point you to the most optimal alarm systems and devices, provide a quotation and offer attractive prices for our services. Here at FixSat we wish our offer to fully satisfy the client both in terms of the costs and the quality of services.
Access control

Access control systems are installed in housing developments, corporate buildings, institutions, office buildings, and warehouses. Their purpose is to easily identify people entering a specific area, a particular building or room. These are user-friendly devices that often utilize numeric codes, cards, and accessories that make the identification of a facility’s users easy and effective. It, therefore, makes it possible to fully control who and when is situated within a specific area – a housing development, garage, warehouse, office facility, construction zone etc. Our company will design and install a control system for your facility. We also offer to service and maintaining it.
Door phone installation

The door entry is one of the most popular devices used to improve security around places where it’s necessary to identify people who enter and to limit the traffic. A door entry is easy to use, reliable, and thanks to the possibility of connecting it over a network with other devices of this type, you can set up an effective communication system between the flats and floors in the building. It is also an item of equipment of the so-called intelligent houses. Connecting a door entry is one of the elements of our company’s offer. We make it possible to install a door entry of any kind (standard door entry, video door entry, touchscreen door entry, etc.) at any site. Our company offers more than just installing a door entry. We also specialize in replacing and repairing devices of this kind.

Alarm system

Alarm system installations utilize an array of devices meant to protect a property from different kinds of threats. A house alarm can, for example, protect from burglars by warning about an unauthorized interference by utilizing things like motion-sensitive infrared sensors. Another type of burglar alarm is an adequate door alarm. An alarm in a flat might also notify about such things occurring as fire, smoke or other factors that might pose danger to the users’ life and well-being as well as their possessions.

There are different types of house alarms out there, the available options include magnetic sensors, microwave detectors, vibration sensors. Alarms differ in size as well. There are types of alarms to be installed at the office, then there are alarms for the house or garage. Our expert will help choose the best alarm system to be installed at home or office as well as the places to install it. You can count on our experience and years of practice in this area. We are always there to help. Installation of a house alarm by FixSat is always fast, efficient and comprehensive. Our clients can also expect competitive prices.

Installing an alarm at home, office or any other building is a good solution for everyone who wants to feel safe. A home alarm will warn about dangers, protecting possessions as well as people residing or staying at a particular place.
Surveillance systems

In order to feel fully safe, it’s a good idea to install an adequate surveillance system. Closed-circuit television is an increasingly popular solution that is used not only in business to protect stores, supermarkets, warehouses, lots or office buildings. It is becoming increasingly common for private individuals to get surveillance for their house or property. FixSat offers to design and installing surveillance in the area specified by the client. Having surveillance installed by our company is a guarantee of the adequate level of security and of the short time of carrying out the order.