Why You Need a CCTV Door Entry Installation in North London

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Why You Need a CCTV Door Entry Installation in North London

by alfamedio |7th May 2019 | FIX SAT BLOG

CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. This is a type of security and surveillance technology which has been used by commercial and government organizations for several years. It allows security people or property owners to view a recorded video feed of the front entrance (or back entrance) of their building.

There are cameras positioned around the outside of the building which sends the video feed signal to a private control room. In this control room, there are closed-circuit televisions which let you view the video feed. Since it is “closed-circuit,” it means the signal doesn’t get broadcast or transmitted to anywhere else other than the specified control room. That way, it is kept private from unauthorized viewership.

Nowadays, CCTV in North London is not just for business owners anymore. Homeowners are starting to see the value of integrating this security feature onto their residential properties. Due to the advancements of computer technology, there is no longer a need for some special control room with a bunch of television monitors stacked up on top of each other. Instead, owners can use their laptops to get a digital video feed of what their cameras are seeing. This allows them to be in virtually any location with an internet connection and still see what’s happening on their property.

Remember that you don’t need to constantly monitor your CCTV. The best thing about this technology is that it records and storages video footage of what it captures. The only time you need to review the footage is if something happens on your property, such as a burglary, vandalism, etc. In the old days, the footage was recorded onto video cassette tapes. Now, there are computer servers which digitally store the footage. You don’t need to bother with any physical media whatsoever.

Therefore, a CCTV door entry installation in North London is a worthy investment. It can give you so much peace of mind and security for your property. And because it is mostly digital nowadays, you don’t need to hire a team of security guards to monitor the feed for you. Just pay for the initial CCTV installation in Barnet or wherever you’re located in London and that’s it.